Switzerland-Morocco Foundation for Sustainable Development (SMFD)

The First Foundation to bring together Switzerland and Morocco for the realization of sustainable human projects in favor of disadvantaged people.

Hope for a better future, thanks to you

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Dear Partners,

Our projects are moving forward and the results obtained since 2004 have proven our soundness. Nevertheless, the impact of our actions may still be stronger, with your support.

Better now, not tomorrow
The continuity of financial help is the most secure guarantee for success. Keeping this in mind, we would like to count you among our SMFD donating partners.

Thanks to your donations we will be able to help young underprivileged Moroccans more rapidly and to finance long-term programs.

Become a donating member, not a spectator
By simply clicking on the link below you have access to a pre-established form. By sending it back to us duly completed, you will have informed us of your interest. A member of the SMFD Advisory Committee will contact you in order to finalize your commitment. We thank you for forwarding this email and the form to people you know. Everyone can participate in the SMFD's success.

Form: http://www.fsmd.ch/pdf/formulaire_membre.pdf

Online donation: http://www.fsmd.ch/e/dons_en_ligne.htm

Do not waste, invest
Our motto: Get involved - Take on responsibility - constantly remind ourselves of our responsibilities. The rigor, transparency and realism with which we decide upon which projects to pursue, will also be applied to the use of the funds received.

Don't only dream, bring forth new realities
By making a donation you will be contributing to the accomplishment of one of our strategic objectives: to bring together the people and competencies that can offer young underprivileged Moroccans new realities and the hope of a better future.

Thank you to our existing partners, and to those of you who have shown interest in supporting FSMD and we hope to count you soon among the SMFD donating members.


Mohamed Mike FANI
President & founder of the Foundation

Annual report (PDF)

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