Charter that regulates the projects undertaking process for the Switzerland-Morocco Foundation for Sustainable Development (SMFD).
Every person can freely submit one or several project(s) to the Switzerland-Morocco Foundation for Sustainable Development (SMFD).

The projects must thoroughly contain the following points:

  • geographical position;
  • explanation of the problematic as well as the opening context;
  • programme and planned actions description (on a short, medium and long-term basis);
  • impact on the human sustainable development field;
  • goals, persons who will benefit from the project, durability;
  • budget and financing plan;
  • any other element that you may find useful to describe your project.

The projects are then submitted to the SMFD Board of Foundation. This body :

  • examines carefully the submitted project's needs and outcomes;
  • decides whether or not it can select the submitted project. If so, it provides means according to specific directives and criteria;
  • collaborates closely with the authorities and the organizations of public authority that are unavoidable to the project's good functioning.

The project's selection criteria are in particular:

  • quality
  • viability
  • coherence
  • the matching between the submitted project and the Foundation
  • the financial aspect.

Fill in the form that must come with all undertaking projects

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