The Switzerland-Morocco Foundation for Sustainable Development (SMFD) has been recognised since its creation in 2004 as a non-profit public service provider by the Finance Department of the Canton of Geneva. The SMFD is a non-profit and a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) that has its headquarters in Geneva, an international city famous for its various International Organizations. It is a privileged entity between Switzerland and Morocco. The Board of Foundation of the SMFD is composed of several nationalities- Swiss, French, Spanish and Moroccan - coming from economic, political and academic fields.

The Foundation is actively involved in reinforcing the existing link between Switzerland and Morocco and in supporting the realization of sustainable projects that have been selected. It pursues several goals, either on its own, or thanks to collaboration with its partners.

The Government of His Majesty King Mohamed VI is a valuable ally. The SMFD wishes to interact with it in order to optimise initiatives launched or supported in Morocco.

The SMFD is active, in particular, in the following fields of Sustainable Development:

  • Rights of the Child and Human Rights
  • Education & Instruction
  • Social & Health
  • Social Economy
  • Environment
  • Scientific Research & Technological Innovation

Every single project is based on an ethical ideology and respects the environment.

New York - 19th July 2010. The Switzerland-Morocco Foundation for Sustainable Development (SMFD) was granted Consultative Special Status ECOSOC by the United Nations Economic and Social Council. This facilitates the SMFD's contribution to the work programmes and goals of the United Nations by enabling SMFD to serve as technical expert, adviser and consultant, as well as by participating in ECOSOC and its various subsidiary bodies through attendance at these meetings, and also through oral interventions and written statements on agenda items of those bodies.

The SMFD is also invited to attend international conferences called by the United Nations, General Assembly special sessions, and other bodies.


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