Vice-President speech

Providing a support to young or disadvantaged people and developing the most underprivileged regions of Morocco: after two and a half years of reflection, these ideals were the basis of the Switzerland-Morocco Foundation for Sustainable Development (SMFD).

A detailed analysis of the Moroccan situation showed the growing need for a non-profit and non-governmental organization in the following fields: culture, economy, social welfare and the sports. The Foundation, which is under the authority of the Federal Department of Home Affairs in Bern, also supports every initiative linked with health, environment, assistance to disabled people and sustainable tourism. This is the reason why the SMFD promotes the transfer of knowledge between Switzerland and Morocco in these areas. This Geneva-based foundation is involved in accompanying Morocco in the many reforms that have been launched and in leading the country on the way to modernity.

Mohamed Mike FANI

Ing. & International Management MBA

Providing some kind of follow-up and avoiding sporadic actions is an essential aspect for us. The Foundation would like to ensure that every action which is undertaken has a true and sustainable impact. We aim at satisfying present generation's needs without compromising that of the next.

In spite of the heterogeneity of the members of the Board of Foundation, academic, political and economic, the SMFD remains a non-governmental organization. The main objective of its members can be summed up in the following way: being involved, assuming, and achieving.

Why in favour of Morocco? From early childhood, I have been concerned with the most underprivileged regions of the world. Morocco, a country rich with a centennial culture, is experiencing a significant upturn. The reforms that were launched by His Majesty King Mohamed VI, in several fields such as education, the family code or the economy are leading Morocco towards a prosperous, modern and democratic future. Morocco is the forerunner of a new political and social architecture. The country is moving towards progress. However, there are several challenging difficulties to deal with. A few figures are particularly relevant: 7 million people are living under the poverty line and more than 100 000 graduates are looking for a job. Bearing in mind this situation, the SMFD would like to act and to offer substantial clues.

Moreover, the SMFD is completely innovative because the SMFD is the only federation that unites Switzerland and Morocco among the 12'531 non-profit public foundations in Switzerland. Our Foundation promotes the creation of sustainable projects in Morocco. It raises awareness; it finds financial resources by itself or with the help of other organizations, private or governmental.

As Robert Blondin quite rightly pointed out, "people tend to prefer performance fulfilment rather than purpose fulfilment, which is pretty disappointing". The SMFD chose to consider the opposite view and to be involved towards progress and towards the improvement of people's living-condition.

Mohamed Mike FANI
President & founder of the Foundation

FSMD (SMFD) Main representative to the United Nations
Consultative Special Status ECOSOC


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