Our targets

The Switzerland-Morocco Foundation for Sustainable Development (SMFD) has the following observation: Morocco, a country that has unquestionable advantages (quality of human resources, low risks of social uprising, flexibility in work contracts, etc…), is nevertheless going trough a tough economic situation.

Indeed, 7 million young people are living under the poverty line and more than 100'000 graduates are looking for a job. This reality made the foundation members eager for action and they decided to create a Swiss-Moroccan collaboration.

The missions of our Non Governmental Organization (NGO) are:

  • To work for projects linked with sustainable development (economic, ecological and social);
  • To raise people's awareness towards sustainable development;
  • To create strong partnerships with the private sector and organizations from the civil society in order to support development and to decrease poverty;
  • To elaborate strategies that give young people a real opportunity to find a decent job;
  • To promote new governance methods based on a better social cohesion;
  • To support scientific observations linked with sustainable development particularly by collaborating with the specialised instances.

Developing and reinforcing the existing structures in Morocco, thanks to original and productive initiatives, which will promote the transfer of the knowledge is the meaningful intention of the SMFD. The initiatives supported by the SMFD must allow for the development of underprivileged regions, must support the disadvantaged people and must create jobs.

The SMFD relies on strong partnerships, either in Switzerland or internationally, in order to carry out concrete actions in Morocco. The Moroccan government is a much valued partner for the SMFD.

"The perspective of a better life for every single Moroccan"

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