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11th - 13th October 2005
Place: Geneva Palexpo
Exhibition and Congress Centre,
Geneva - Switzerland

First Edition of the Swiss Morocco Golf Trophy
Developing Sports for the Moroccan Disabled Project


Developing Sports for the Moroccan Disabled Project
First Edition of the Swiss Morocco Golf Trophy - July 1, 2005

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Swiss Morocco Golf Trophy

In order to defend and to let people know its Developing Sports for the Moroccan Disabled Project, the Switzerland-Morocco Foundation for Sustainable Development (SMFD) organised the first edition of its Swiss Morocco Golf Trophy on July 1, 2005.

Under the patronage of M. Adolf Ogi, former President of the Swiss Confederation and current Special Adviser to the Secretary General of the United Nations on Sports for Development and Peace, and under the aegis of the Royal Moroccan Golf Association (FRMG), this event gathered several personalities from Switzerland, Morocco and the International Community. Golf, which is a sport traditionally reserved to the upper class of the population, was serving the most underprivileged and deprived children.

Generous sponsors contributed to this event: they allowed us to give all the funds that were raised to the Developing Sports for Disabled Project. Today, our Foundation carries on with its mission. We now look for other donators, partners and sponsors in order to provide all the success opportunities to this project.

Concrete objectives of the Developing Sports for Disabled Project

The Developing Sports for Disabled Project is the major project, which is developed by the SMFD. With this initiative, our Foundation supports a Moroccan association - the Hanane Association -, which takes care of disabled children (sensorially, physically and mentally impaired). We want to give them a structure as well as human and material resources.

We will manage to improve and to reinforce the Hanane II centre of the Hanane Association by setting up a games hall, by building up a swimming-pool that suits the rehabilitation needs and by training the staff that manages and supervises the sports activities of the disabled children.

The major challenge is to develop the disabled children physical abilities (coordination, balance, motivity) so that they can socially integrate and have a better value of themselves. Dreams and hopes of the disabled children will then come true. From this moment on only, the disabled children smiles and laughs will start and light up their faces.

This concept will allow this pilot project to shine forth on all Northern Moroccan regions (Oriental, Tanger-Tetouan and Taza - Al Hoceïma- Taounate regions) and then on the whole country of Morocco. Data and Statistics that will be collected will allow us to see what the strongest points are and what the weakest points are. These actions are undertaken in order to light up the physically, sensorially and mentally impaired children of the Hanane Association.

The Hanane Association

The Association motto is simple: Hanane Association for the protection and the support of disabled children.

The Association, which is based in Tetouan, a city in the North of the Kingdom of Morocco, allows disabled children to live socially and economically as normally as possible.

With a school, a training and an apprenticing structure for the iron and joinery work, the Hanane II centre of the Hanane Association houses 410 children. Mentally impaired children are the most numerous children (60%). Then, there are sensorially (30%) and physically (10%) impaired children.

Even though the Hanane Association staff accomplishes an extraordinary job, many improvements could still be done. In fact, beyond the listening, the time and the dedication women and men offer daily to these children, infrastructures are cruelly lacking.

The knowledge transfer and the SMFD partnerships

To accomplish this project, SMFD relies on the partnership of the Health High School of Geneva (HEDS) - Physiotherapy Department, Fédération PluSport Sport Handicap Suisse, the University of Applied Science Western Switzerland (HES SO), the Foyer Handicap Foundation Geneva and Jeunesse et Sport.

We all work in the heart of the human sustainable development: use and adaptation of existing sports infrastructures, adjustable sports facilities, etc. Our project is also linked to the "Agenda 21" (action plan for the global sustainable development). However, the creation of local jobs, the reinforcement of infrastructures can only come true if everyone feels concerned about it.

Besides partners, the SMFD relies on its supporting and donating members. Now, we are collecting and looking for funds from partners or donators so that this initiative benefits from the best opportunities. Because a child's smile is priceless.


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